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Energy optimisation analytics that improve energy
efficiency, optimise assets and prevent faults

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At OrxaGrid, we are dedicated to transforming the way data and insights impact
energy management decisions, in real time.
Our platform includes three layers.

Sensors that provide real time visibility of energy systems


Accurate, modular & rapidly deployed IoT device that monitors energy and digital status


Robust, flexible & rapidly deployed IoT sensor that monitors energy, digital status and operational parameters of assets


IoT device that continuously measures & detects disturbances & outages on power lines

Data science led algorithms that are firmly grounded in the industry

Advanced Analytics

At OrxaGrid, we create value out of data fast using an iterative hypothesis driven approach. We give users the information they need to manage risks by designing a system with security at the forefront

Our Algorithms

Fault Predictions
Detect and predict location, time and Cause of outages
Asset Health Predictions
Detect & predict transformers that need repairs
Low Carbon Integration
Optimise Low Carbon assets to improve network headroom
Voltage Prediction
Inform users of likely future voltage violations of the limits set
Load Transfer Alternatives
Suggest actions to shift energy to prevent overloading & imbalance
Benchmarking Analysis
Locate least performing assets
Electricity Theft
Detect and predict location & amount of theft
Probability of failure
Predict asset probability and consequence of failure
Renewables Optimisation
Forecast renewables generation and energy demand for balancing

Custom Models

Develop & train prediction models using historical data

Software, flexible and simplicity driven that shows all the information, without the clutter

User Dashboard

OrxaGrid’s Grid Analytics Platform offers real-time Insights into energy and asset conditions gives everyone from system Administrators to asset managers an easy way of understanding dependencies, performance trends, prioritisation and more across the hybrid enterprise

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