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We are a socially driven team that envisions energy optimisation for a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy future for all. If you see the same join us.

We bring something new to the table

Our core team has the right mix of tech skills, industry knowledge and experience to cater to energy challenges

Akshat Kulkarni
Co-founder & CEO

Managed energy efficiency products in the EU, Solar in US, smart grids in India; Electrical Eng. at University of Illinois, MBA at London Business School

Yash Kulkarni
Co-founder & CTO

Developed utility scale optimisation & automation projects in India and the US, Active member on grid standards; Electrical and Computer Engineer at University of Illinois

Prasad Phule
Software Architect

Architect & Full-stack Developer and an all round technology enthusiast

Robert Brown
Machine Learning Lead

PhD researcher creating applications of ML techniques to electrical power system optimisation

Sanjeev Kumar
Chief Data Scientist

24+ years experience in data science, analytics, Automation and AI

Marcus Lynch

Managed design, development & testing of demand response products, M Eng. Renewables

Stephanie Santayana
Product & Marketing Lead

Product and Marketing strategist developing interdisciplinary research frameworks to leverage data monitoring, visualization, and analysis tools

Pavel Konovalov
SCADA Software development

30 years of industrial software development for production and distribution of electrical energy

Join a team that is solving some of the most critical challenges in energy optimisation

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We are seeking research, investment & channel partners that are dedicated towards a global energy transition

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