Energy optimisation for all

IoT Analytics to enable a reliable, affordable and sustainable energy future

The way we manage energy is changing

The low carbon economy is bringing rapid change to energy systems. Low carbon technologies such as solar and wind are inconsistent and challenging to manage in an ageing energy infrastructure that is at a high risk of failure.

This in addition to a growing global demand for energy through EVs in developed regions and electrification in rural regions means that energy systems everywhere are facing a decision to build or optimise assets. 

Have more insights into your energy systems than ever before

OrxaGrid is an innovative tech startup that envisions an ultimate transformation of energy systems into one that is predictive, intuitive, and responsive. Our smart IoT sensors and data science led solutions monitor and optimise energy assets.

Our solutions leverage the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and industry-specific knowledge that deliver value to grid operators, energy managers and energy consumers immediately.

The OrxaGrid advantage

Real-time insights into energy and asset conditions gives everyone from system administrators to asset managers an easy way of understanding dependencies, performance trends, prioritisations and more across the hybrid enterprise.


Integrate the OrxaGrid platform with existing sensors or discreet data sources to derive maximum value from insights

Immediate Value

Plug and play retrofittable sensors with proactive analytics for immediate insights

Prioritise Risks

Risks are prioritised and evidence attached for rapid actions

Industry Relevant AI

machine-learning algorithms for better decision making

The OrxaGrid way

OrxaGrid has a simple process flow that can be used on its own or quickly tied into other solutions.


with Data Integration 

Aggregate data in a meaningful way
from a variety of sources


with Advanced Analytics

Data science led analytics that accurately interpret, quantify and track events in your systems


with User Apps 

Web & mobile apps that give actionable insights and control of energy systems at your fingertips

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